Saturday, May 10, 2014

Project JDM Legends: Wrapping it up - an SA22C Finalized

Hello guys, after one long talk with Flash, we decided to both finish up some RX-7 projects. He had the kit, and I had the livery, base car and a bunch of other crap. First, I shaved all the mirrors, badges, rear wipers etc, like the real car. Next, I removed the sunroof, as their 12A car does not have one. I cut the fenders for the flares, like the real car. The car had its paintjob applied and the rear wing and front air dam were modified to fit. I tweaked the wheel's material settings to give it a bronze finish and found correct proxes R888 tires. I made the interior burgundy red and did a RHD conversion. I also created a Momo Olympic III steering wheel. All the stickers were replicated.

You can read the original Speedhunters feature here.

Flash and I sent the results to Eric Bizek of JDM Legends, one of the men responsible for creating this car.

He replied:

Wow, that is VERY nice work!  You guys are definitely good at what you do and it's an honor to have you model our RX-7, you even got the tailpipe right.

I checked the blogs you sent but is there a link to this car in particular or somewhere it can be downloaded?

I personally don't have GTA San Andreas yet but this would be a great excuse to pick it up ;)

Thanks again.

Eric Bizek

Here are some pictures

I will finish this car and get it converted.