Wednesday, September 24, 2014

URAS S15 Silvia

Hello guys, I haven't posted in awhile due lack of time and laziness. Anyways this car isn't exactly just-finished. It's been done since July 30th, but I never got around to writing this post. This S15 was done as collaboration with Marko. It started out as a standard Spec R from Juiced 2 originally by Matheus-340. We started work on it some time in early February of this year. All major bodywork was completed by 2/15/14. We forgot about it for awhile, then I finished it up in late July.

The aero is made by Marko, me with maybe some small fragments from Flash. The S15 originally had Uras Exsol rims, but upon further inspection, we realized there were many modeling errors, so I switched them for a pair of Work XT-7s from RS Workshop. Marko and I originally planned on using a high rise Voltex GT-style wing, but we decided against it in favor of a carbon fiber Uras drag wing from an R34. I also added Aerocatch hood pins, Dmax taillights and a vented hood that came of the Wise Square S15. The headlight bezels were painted black, and vented front fenders and blister rear fenders were added. I also added a shock tower tow hook, and some dual straight pipes I made awhile back.  

In the interior, I added some Bride Gias III seats from Flash, and retextured and UV mapped the rear seats and door cards to match. However, Marko and I decided that standard Bride fabric was "too mainstream" so we switched it up bit and did rainbow bride. It's not for everyone, but it does add some contrast to the white exterior. In dash, The gauges were tilted, and a Nardi Classic wheel by ITz Simple was installed. Lastly, I added some Peace Tea in the cupholder.