Monday, May 6, 2013

BMW 2800CS - Mike Burroughs

1971 BMW 2800CS E9

This BMW is owned by Stance Works photographer Mike Burroughs and has been featured by a variety of different magazines. I always thought it was cool and wanted to make it. Around a year, ago I made it, with a crappy lod1 Forza 3 model ripped by Midtown Madness modder Riva. It had the right wheels, HRE 501s made by Mr. Zasen, but that was about it. Having been a long term project, that I never really lost interest in, I decided to stab at it again. I got the lod0 3.0 CSL model ripped from FM4 and cleaned the mesh and began renaming all the nodes and textured it. I made a license plate as exact as humanly possible. Then, I edited the grille to make it chrome and made the fender grilles plastic, like on the 2800CS model. I molded the fenderflares to the body, which were originally chrome and reshaped and "rolled" them. Next up were the wheels. They were originally by Mr. Zasen. I split them up by material and reduced the lips in the front and rear and retextured the lips, bolts and tires. Finally, I edited the front CSL airdam and removed the exposed rivets and modified a BMW 2002 bumper. I was quite satisfied with the result, but it is not finished. I still need to do side reflectors, and the 2800CS badge. Below is my current version, the actual car and my lame first attempt.