Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VII

Long ago Marko sent me an unfinished Evo VII in blue with Tenzo rims and a rally snorkel and spare tire. I decided to fix it and finish it up. I used a Varis Evo VIII front bumper to match the Varis Evo IX skirts and I redid the grille section to be like an Evo IX and I also deleted the two little vents. In the interior, I used my HKS pattern Recaro Speeds and Personal Grinta wheel. I also did up some steel diamond pattern floorplates.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Bosozoku Wheel: Advan A3C

I saw these wheels on Kyusha shoes, and they looked unique, and rather simple. I figured "why not?" and went for it. I modeled the face, lip, lip bolts and lugs like last time. The cap is all 3d, not textured. For the Advan lettering, I used a 3ds Max text spline.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Bosozoku Wheel: Bridgestone Sharak X-2X

I was talking with gred, and I was bored, so I ask him to name a rim. He sent me this picture of this unknown rim. I looked it up on KyushaShoes and it was Bridgestone Sharak X-2X and then I made it. I made the face, cap, lugs, lip, lip bolts and barrel all from scratch. I also created a new texture for the cap. It took me about 5 hours start to finish.

Black/Chrome Version:

Sunday, November 16, 2014

1984 Skyline DR30 "Iron Mask" Kaido Racer

Hi everyone, I've been rather busy lately and have had not had much time to post, but I'm hoping I can catch up by Thanksgiving. I made this car in June to showcase my Longchamp XR-4s. It started out as 41aemi's imvehft DR30, and was a quickie convert by me.

Mods Done:

SSR Longchamp XR-4s by me
Foglights from Marko
C110 flares adapted to fit
ridiculous wing by me
reshaped front valance
bosozoku horns in front bumper vents by me
spoiler diffuser by me
C110 fender mirrors mounted on doors
disco ball rear view mirror tassel
painted center taillight garnish
rear towhook
tsurikawas by ClubTH, reworked by me
Kakimoto R32 exhaust by me
bent plate by Marko
sexual innuendo rear wing phrase
"Late Night Spl." is a fictional Kaido club to hark back to the 80's and '90s midnight touge runners.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Kanjo "Wonder Civic" (LSDistrict.forumz.ro Contest Entry)

After being inspired by images like this, how could you not make a kanjo style Osaka looper?
1986 Honda Civic Si
- Originally by Mad Driver

Reworked by me and thepuuh.

What I've Done
- Complete RHD Conversion
- Weds Kurages, faces by Flash, Brakes by D.K. and lips, tires, lugs, axle nuts by me.
- Advan A050 sidewall and tread textures by me (download soon)
- Kanjo style wing by me
- Custom livery by me inspired Work's CR-01 promo art
- Purple Speed front lip made by thepuuh, modified by me
- Recaro SRDs and matching door cards with Recaro Artista fabrics made by me
- Personal Grinta steering wheel, with steering boss from HKS Hipermax Evo
- B16A swap with ITBs from SLRR, tweaked by thepuuh
- Rear seat delete
- Pioneer TS-W255C speakers in the back, original author unknown, reworked by me.
- Digidash by me
- HKS Circuit Counter
- Apex'i Power FC Commander 
- A pack of Marlboros by D.K.
- Front and rear tow hooks, front from rFactor, rear by D.K., both reworked by me
- Exhaust by me
- Custom half cage by me
- Window nets, original author unknown, retextured by me
- Japanese Temporary plate textures made by me
- Boot latches from FM4
- Fuel door lock deleted
- Color keyed door handles and mirrors
- rear strut bar
- "Jason" mask from GTA V, reworked by me
+ more I'm forgetting...

Saturday, October 11, 2014

1970 Camaro Z/28 Street Machine

1970.5 Camaro Z/28

Originally from Juiced 2
Everything was scratch made unless noted

"What I've Done" - Linkin Park
- Front conversion from FM4 Camaro
- Rear bumper from FM4 Camaro
- Stripe design by me, enhanced by Marko and Automotive Gaming
- Centerline Autodrag from scratch by me
- 1969 Firebird taillight conversion
- Thrush Glass pack mufflers with custom Chevy tips
- Custom rollcage
- Re textured badges
- Cragar steering wheel 
- Fuzzbuster Radar
- New Gauges
- rear seat delete
- Rear window decals
- 1981 Camaro rear fender spats
- Custom front air dam
- Re uv-mapped headliner
- Buckets from FM4, reworked by me
- K40 CB antenna
- Moon floor mats
- Moon Foot pedals
- 8-Ball shifter (will be replaced by a Hurst V-Matic II)

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

URAS S15 Silvia

Hello guys, I haven't posted in awhile due lack of time and laziness. Anyways this car isn't exactly just-finished. It's been done since July 30th, but I never got around to writing this post. This S15 was done as collaboration with Marko. It started out as a standard Spec R from Juiced 2 originally by Matheus-340. We started work on it some time in early February of this year. All major bodywork was completed by 2/15/14. We forgot about it for awhile, then I finished it up in late July.

The aero is made by Marko, me with maybe some small fragments from Flash. The S15 originally had Uras Exsol rims, but upon further inspection, we realized there were many modeling errors, so I switched them for a pair of Work XT-7s from RS Workshop. Marko and I originally planned on using a high rise Voltex GT-style wing, but we decided against it in favor of a carbon fiber Uras drag wing from an R34. I also added Aerocatch hood pins, Dmax taillights and a vented hood that came of the Wise Square S15. The headlight bezels were painted black, and vented front fenders and blister rear fenders were added. I also added a shock tower tow hook, and some dual straight pipes I made awhile back.  

In the interior, I added some Bride Gias III seats from Flash, and retextured and UV mapped the rear seats and door cards to match. However, Marko and I decided that standard Bride fabric was "too mainstream" so we switched it up bit and did rainbow bride. It's not for everyone, but it does add some contrast to the white exterior. In dash, The gauges were tilted, and a Nardi Classic wheel by ITz Simple was installed. Lastly, I added some Peace Tea in the cupholder.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

1973 Datsun 240ZG 'Street Style'

I made this custom 240ZG as a way  to test my Hayashi's in game. The base is from Shift 2 and was converted by Yohsuke.


Hayashi Street CR - orginally by Mimi, but thrououghly reworked by me
Debadged the hooc and c-pillars
Custom front lip
Rear window slats
Painted 432R Orange

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

SSR Longchamp XR-4, RS Watanabe R, SSR EX-C Mesh, SSR Focus Racing [Download]

Continuing with the trend of the Devil Japan Shadow Spokes and Hayashi Street CRs, I present some more redone vintage JDM wheels for your infinite pleasure. If you use these, please credit me, and don't re-upload them as your own.

1. SSR Longchamp XR-4
Made entirely from scratch except for the tire, which is by MIMI


2. RS Watanabe R
Originally by MIMI, I redid the center and reshaped the spokes, and created the lip and bolts. The Center cap is from thepuuh.

3. SSR EX-C Mesh
Face was originally made by Mr.Zasen. I modified it and turned it into SSR's EX-C Mesh and created the center cap and lip.


4. SSR Focus Racing
Made entirely from scratch by me for the bosozoku 240Z, except for the tire, which is by MIMI.


Friday, July 4, 2014

Corvette Update


1st I redid the wheel for a 3rd time. I'm quite satisfied with the result this time.

2nd. I redid the sidemarkers to make them flush with the bumper as they should be

3rd. I redid the rear bumper. Quite satisfied too. 3rd attempt at rear bumper.

4th. Fixed warped rear side markers

5th. I fixed the front fender vent and made the grille insert

6th. Fixed taillights. Made a trim ring earlier. Realized they dont have trim rings.
Also fixed the shape.

7th. I started on making the 1979+ seats.

Saturday, June 28, 2014



I made these so I can finally use Mr.Zasen's SSR Dish properly. Thanks to Mr. Zasen for the hero mesh which I used as a base for the spokes
I also used some parts from CJ of SLRR

Thursday, June 26, 2014

THE LONG ASS POST (R32,GC35, NA1, NA2, etc.)

R32 N1
025667334129808.jpg 03481c334129820.jpg

Laurel GC35
483342334129754.jpg 8f1e83334129769.jpg

Marko n' I spent days screwing with NSX's again. I redid the interior with carbon galore and properly mounted the HKS EVC and AFK and ignition panel. I routed the wires from the AP racing pedals through the hole where the clock used to be. I made and Aluminum shield after I cut a way at a lot to clear the pedals. I stuck the Lap timer in the ash tray/coin tray. I mounted an HKS Sequential tranny. The Bride Gias II is now the passenger seat, with a Bride Gardis III taking over driver duties. Next, I made a Carbing Aluminum bolt in cage. I finished it up with a carbon center console and adding an AP Racing Brake Bias Adjuster. A stack cluster may join it shortly. Just recently, I added his Sorcery rear fenders, and made a front splitter and fixed the front fenders.

Testing out TE37SL's

We were switching to a new base car, so I gathered all the stuff that mattered.
I began wire routing
Center panel and radio delete. I made a JGTC style shifter, but it was ditched in favor of a better HKS Unit. Looks like an aluminum sausage, doesn't it?
The Carbing cage
Swap over and interior complete…well it was back then
Here it is now after the recent body modifications.

Marko sent me an NA1 and I began working on it. I liked the CE28N’s so much that I decided to use them for this NSX too. However I changed them a bit, resulting in the limited edition Time Attack Edition, which is white and boasts a red stripe that makes them more expensive. I gave modified a Route-KS NSX-R GT bodykit to fit an NA1. Lastly, I fitted a pair of JGTC fixed headlamps, giving it a Zorro mask feel.

Started on the CE28’s
483b96334529952.jpg 3f7290334529959.jpg
End result after body work

2. Koenig Testarossa

Yes. A Koenig Testarossa, the epitome of excess, which is why it had to be done. I started with Test Drive Ferrari Legend’s Testarossa and removed the legendary side strakes which were stolen by Koenig and Rinspeed to put on other cars like the Rinspeed R69. My friend Flash helped with the body. Marko did the rear fender vent, we both worked on the mirrors and I did the exhaust. I also did the rear bumper and wheels and headlights, which are 288 GTO units, which I’m assuming are just standard DOT approved units. I still haven’t done the flared rear tail or the wing. I think it looks cleaner without them. The rear wheels are almost as wide as they are in diameter.


3. R32 N1

I showed this to you guys earlier, but here are the details. It started out as Juiced 2’s R32 GST-T. Marko then grafted Shift 2’s GTR panels over. I fixed a lot of panel gap. He made some R32 N1 headlights which don’t have the projectors and are much better looking IMHO. He also made a side exhaust for which I did the daunting task of creating an exhaust shield. I swapped the 400R wheels for BBS E88 Centerlocks.


4. Wide Supra

Was just fiddling around and made this stupid ridiculously wide Supra. By the time you read this, it’ll most likely be cleaned off my HDD.


5. 71 Chevelle SS 454

I had that 1971 Chevelle lying around and too many cars in red. So it was repainted gold. I also happened to find a Weiand 8-71 blower. GM rated the fuel economy for a 1971 454 Corvette at 11 mpg. I don't think the blower would be helping the situation. Lel Murrica


6. 964 Speedster

Marko and I wanted saw the Real Racing 3 Speedster and knew we had to make an RWB out of it. Adapting flares and bumpers from my Forza car proved to be too time consuming, so I took a Sawz-All to the FM4 roof. Problem solved and I had Speedster in no time. I added a 964 RS passenger seat too and deleted the wipers because nobody drives a Speedster in the rain. It doesn’t have a RWB windscreen decal, because the windshield is already shorter.

As you can see, only the right side is complete.

7. Superb Ee

After 4 hours of toiling until 3 am
My friend Quyen got them damn thing in game, and he took some shots. However there are some glitches, but the import thing is that it’s ingame. .


Bonus shot of the Street Van

8. RS200

Marko started this one. It’s Dirt 2’s RS200 Evo. It has a mixture of weird parts on it. It originally had a triple roof scoop, but thankfully that’s gone. I restored the stock mirrors and also slapped on some FoMoCo badges because Codemaster left some oval shaped voids that needed to be filled. I textured the whole thing too. I changed the engine from blue to orange. I was originally planning on putting in FM4’s engine, but that proved to be too strenuous, so that plan fell through. I put some of Zasen's Hero Mesh Racing wheels on it which I converted to five lug for more strength and aesthetic appeal.


That’s it. You read it. I hope you took as long to read it as it took me to upload the pics on ImageBam.