Sunday, November 16, 2014

1984 Skyline DR30 "Iron Mask" Kaido Racer

Hi everyone, I've been rather busy lately and have had not had much time to post, but I'm hoping I can catch up by Thanksgiving. I made this car in June to showcase my Longchamp XR-4s. It started out as 41aemi's imvehft DR30, and was a quickie convert by me.

Mods Done:

SSR Longchamp XR-4s by me
Foglights from Marko
C110 flares adapted to fit
ridiculous wing by me
reshaped front valance
bosozoku horns in front bumper vents by me
spoiler diffuser by me
C110 fender mirrors mounted on doors
disco ball rear view mirror tassel
painted center taillight garnish
rear towhook
tsurikawas by ClubTH, reworked by me
Kakimoto R32 exhaust by me
bent plate by Marko
sexual innuendo rear wing phrase
"Late Night Spl." is a fictional Kaido club to hark back to the 80's and '90s midnight touge runners.