Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Porsche 930

This is another project of mine, a Porsche 930 Turbo. Many people are doing RWB's but I decided I would not. Currently, it sits on scratched SSR Formula Mesh and has custom "Carrera" decals. I might change them to say "Porsche" instead, since it is not a Carrera model. The interior is custom and the result of 2 hours of Zmodeling.

Current Mods
- FM4 Front Splitter
- Edited rear bumper
- 993 Turbo exhaust
- Scratched SSR Formula Mesh, lip and tire from MIMI
- Interior with custom wood trim
- OMP seat and steering wheel from FM4 and rFactor
- Wunderbaum from iTzSimple and edited to say "Car Freshner"
- Base model from FM3

I am editing a wing from FM4 and looking for a new front bumper

Bosozoku Nissan 240ZG

Hello, well I thought I would start off by showing you my latest mod, a 240ZG that customized with bosozoku style. It has giant flares all around, wide wheels and a custom paint job. Currently the interior is underway.

Current Mods
- Porsche 911 Banana wing as front lip
- Wide flares from Club[TH]'s C130 Laurel
- Tsurikawa or Japanese subway handle hanging from undercarriage from Club[TH].
- Staggered SSR MK3 wheels courtesy of MIMI ~10J Front and ~12J Rear
- Rear taillights and bumper from Club[TH]'s Nissan Cherry XR-1 Hatch
- Custom license plate with parts from AIR One
- Base 240ZG model from NFS Shift 2 ripped by Jakob

I am working on a new interior and engine from FM4. I also have plans for a new exhaust. The badges need to be fixed too.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Beginning

I started this blog to show my W.I.P.s for GTA NFS. Most projects will not be converted, but if you want to convert it, contact me.