Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Porsche 930

This is another project of mine, a Porsche 930 Turbo. Many people are doing RWB's but I decided I would not. Currently, it sits on scratched SSR Formula Mesh and has custom "Carrera" decals. I might change them to say "Porsche" instead, since it is not a Carrera model. The interior is custom and the result of 2 hours of Zmodeling.

Current Mods
- FM4 Front Splitter
- Edited rear bumper
- 993 Turbo exhaust
- Scratched SSR Formula Mesh, lip and tire from MIMI
- Interior with custom wood trim
- OMP seat and steering wheel from FM4 and rFactor
- Wunderbaum from iTzSimple and edited to say "Car Freshner"
- Base model from FM3

I am editing a wing from FM4 and looking for a new front bumper

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  1. hello, can u please made fiat multipla for gta san andreas ? i know that one exist already, but that no hawe visual damage when crash and v-damage in crash its important for me, then please can u made one with v damage ?