Thursday, February 20, 2014

Toyo Proxes Tire Textures

Decided to make some textures today. I made treads for Toyo Proxes T1R and RA1. I have a T1R Sidewall someone else made. The tread textures are in .bmp format and are hq hd super swag detailed and 512x512 px.

For the T1R, in Zmod
tread - add 93 across all 3 channels
sidewall - add 153 across all 3 channels

For the RA1 (uses RR sidewall) in Zmod
tread - add 133 across all 3 channels
sidewall - add R:86, G:82, B:80

T1R Sidewall (not made by me)

RR Sidewall (not made by me)


  1. t1r tread is missing, its the rr sidewall link for both

  2. thanks for catching that, I'll fix that