Sunday, November 2, 2014

Kanjo "Wonder Civic" ( Contest Entry)

After being inspired by images like this, how could you not make a kanjo style Osaka looper?
1986 Honda Civic Si
- Originally by Mad Driver

Reworked by me and thepuuh.

What I've Done
- Complete RHD Conversion
- Weds Kurages, faces by Flash, Brakes by D.K. and lips, tires, lugs, axle nuts by me.
- Advan A050 sidewall and tread textures by me (download soon)
- Kanjo style wing by me
- Custom livery by me inspired Work's CR-01 promo art
- Purple Speed front lip made by thepuuh, modified by me
- Recaro SRDs and matching door cards with Recaro Artista fabrics made by me
- Personal Grinta steering wheel, with steering boss from HKS Hipermax Evo
- B16A swap with ITBs from SLRR, tweaked by thepuuh
- Rear seat delete
- Pioneer TS-W255C speakers in the back, original author unknown, reworked by me.
- Digidash by me
- HKS Circuit Counter
- Apex'i Power FC Commander 
- A pack of Marlboros by D.K.
- Front and rear tow hooks, front from rFactor, rear by D.K., both reworked by me
- Exhaust by me
- Custom half cage by me
- Window nets, original author unknown, retextured by me
- Japanese Temporary plate textures made by me
- Boot latches from FM4
- Fuel door lock deleted
- Color keyed door handles and mirrors
- rear strut bar
- "Jason" mask from GTA V, reworked by me
+ more I'm forgetting...

I also had Flash and gred do some screenshots for me:



Zmodeler Screenshots:

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