Sunday, June 1, 2014

the Vette

The Vette

Here we go:

I tweaked the vertices on the front bumper for an hour, re-triangulated, chamfered and created the front license plate recess. Then my friend Marko helped with the rear hatch to speed things up. I also fixed many normals issues caused by no knifing vertices which did not understand in my noob days. The side vents were also updated, but the rear bumper looks like crap and is far from done or even being recognizable. I've been redoing the door jambs and the following shit was done:
two bolt 1980 spec taillights
corresponding taillight trim rings
front bumper grills and can turn signals
rubber lip
new running gear [more pics soon]

extended hoodline [post '72 don't have wiper cover]
FM3 interior 
Modified foot wells
License plates [1980 NY]
fixed radiator position
New 350 engine [bye 9 mpg 454]
Fixed hood pivot point
new gas cap
New flag badges by Marko and me
rear traversal leaf irs
front dual wishbone
Reshaped tires
New Tire textures modified in Ps but from APEC's 427 Impala [don't think he made them though]

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