Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Stack Cluster (Integrated Race Dash Display) - v2

The Stack "Integrated Race Dash Display", or "Stack Cluster" as many know it, is a famous gauge setup that has been used by Koenigsegg, Lotus, and even Abflug in their 90's Porsche demo car. I first modeled the Stack Cluster about 2.5 years ago. This time around I have made numerous improvements. You can view the original post here.
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I started by refining the overall shape, and smoothing out the corners. I modeled the tach needle this time and fixed the shape of the indicator lights. I modeled the tach rest pin, rubber surround, and the glass cover, all of which the previous version lacked. I couldn't find a suitable image for to make a texture for the tach markings, so I modeled them all, and I created a texture for all of the markings.
For the display, I used excel to recreate all of the pixels.

White Face
Black Face

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