Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Brake Rotor and Axle Nut [Download]

I could not find any stock looking generic brake rotors that I liked, so I decided to make my own. None of them had a modeled backside, and many were just flat cylinders. You may have seen the axle nut used in other cars I have made; I think I made it for the BN Sports FD3S RX7, but I'm not certain. I made it a year or two ago but I fixed some normals errors with it. The axle nut is visible when wheels do not have a center cap. This is often the case with racing wheels such as Work's Meister series. I am providing it for download so your cars and wheels can look more complete. If you use it, please credit me.

I modeled the inside and backside of the rotor

The axle nut is exposed

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While modeling the backside of the rotor does not seem very important, it sometimes shows up in screenshots, and leads to a sort of unfinished look.

With the axle nut
Without the axle nut


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