Saturday, October 11, 2014

1970 Camaro Z/28 Street Machine

1970.5 Camaro Z/28

Originally from Juiced 2
Everything was scratch made unless noted

"What I've Done" - Linkin Park
- Front conversion from FM4 Camaro
- Rear bumper from FM4 Camaro
- Stripe design by me, enhanced by Marko and Automotive Gaming
- Centerline Autodrag from scratch by me
- 1969 Firebird taillight conversion
- Thrush Glass pack mufflers with custom Chevy tips
- Custom rollcage
- Re textured badges
- Cragar steering wheel 
- Fuzzbuster Radar
- New Gauges
- rear seat delete
- Rear window decals
- 1981 Camaro rear fender spats
- Custom front air dam
- Re uv-mapped headliner
- Buckets from FM4, reworked by me
- K40 CB antenna
- Moon floor mats
- Moon Foot pedals
- 8-Ball shifter (will be replaced by a Hurst V-Matic II)

Needs to be re-uv mapped in the front
Also will mold 1977 Z/28 hood scoop in soon. 

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