Monday, January 13, 2014

1991 Mugen NSX - JSW Entry

1991 Honda NSX Mugen

Stock Honda NSX by Andrew_A1

Mugen body kit [front lip, sideskirts, door panels, rear bumper, wing, and under-wing]
Mugen M7 Wheels
Mugen ducted rear hatch
Mugen rear plate blank
Mugen seats
Mugen steering boss
Mugen Front foglights
NSX-R steering wheel
NSX-R exhaust
Comptech supercharged C32B
Rare OEM Honda Alpine Nav unit with DME-M760
RHD Conversion
Fuel filler cap grafted in
+ more I can't remember right now lol

Huge thanks to Flash for making the kit and Mark-o for helping me with the hatch scoop.

Target car:

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