Wednesday, January 1, 2014

1998 Nissan Sileighty

In 1998, Japanese tuning shop Kid's Heart prduced a limited run of 500 official Sileighties sponsered by Nissan and Nismo. They were inspired by Initial D and local drifters who replaced their wrecked 180 front ends with Silvia spec front ends because they were simpler and cheaper. The official Sileighty was made by taking the front a Silvia S13 with "brick" style headlamps and putting it on the chassis of a kouki 180SX Type-X.

The base car is the 240SX from Shift 2 converted by Bmwfans of Emzone/LTU Customs. Unfortunately the nitwit did not center the model and it was .003 of center to the right. By the time I figured this out I had already modified the fenders and everything, so I had to redo pretty much everything. I used the front from 41aemi's and ninjapanda's Sileighty and brick headlights from FR-Style's Silvia which I further tweaked. I remade the front fenders and hood. The wheels came from Gran Turismo PSP and were ripped by Mark-o!/Natsuki. The aero sideskirts and wing were by BlackKnight. Flash helped me with getting shape right and FR-Style helped me sort out some bugs.

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