Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Departure Time: One Last S13 Variation

Did you really think I would fade out without one last hurrah? Well here it is.

I had been talking with FR-Style about one last variant of my S13, and I wanted to make it before I go. This marks the end of my quest to be different, and avoid mainstream fads like BN Sports, which look like slabs of cardboard, and I think 45 degrees of camber looks stupid. Keep holding your own; don't be afraid to ignore the trends or just spite them altogether. Simplicity often yields cleaner results as you see below. Anyways, this is probably it for me. As you can see, the last post was titled with GTA SA's last mission, I have appropriately titled this one with TBOGT's last mission.
  • What I changed
  • White/champagne two tone
  • Headlights are yellow
  • Tinted headlights, indicators and grille
  • S13 Aero bumper
  • R32 GTS-T Spoiler
  • New Nismo fabric
  • Autostrada Modena wheels

Here's the fabric texture I made:

With that, It's my time to go.



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