Sunday, May 22, 2016

Mugen M7 Road Wheel

NSX spec Mugen M7 Road Wheels

Original Mugen Ad
Mugen's M7 "Road Wheels" have remained a favorite of mine for a long time, due to their simplicity and elegance. In my recent efforts to redo some portions of my Mugen NSX, I decided to redo the M7's because my first attempt was one the first wheels I did entirely from scratch. It had normals errors, and the shape was off because I didn't use a good reference image. This time around, I modeled everything in 3D, including the logo, and I even recreated the special bolts used to hold the rim face to the lip and barrel. I also modeled the backside of the rim, which was a first for me. Total poly count for the rim face is about 7.7K tris, and with the lip, bolts, and a tire the total will be just shy of 30K tris.

The M7 version I modeled here is the NSX front wheel. The NSX rear wheels have longer spokes because the NSX has a staggered wheel setup. The NSX versions are also the only 5-lug versions; the rest are 4-lug for Civics and Integras.

If you have any suggestions for other rims to do let men know and I will consider them.

Detail of the badge, and lip bolts

Even the Mugen badge is 3D!

Backside of the rim

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